About Us

Praxis is a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship.

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We support founders, funders and innovators motivated by their faith to love their neighbors and renew culture. Our community of practice operates through high-touch programs, robust content, and a global portfolio of redemptive business and nonprofit ventures.

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Our Business and Nonprofit Accelerators and our Venture Lab program have helped over 200 founders refine and grow their businesses and nonprofits. Together, these ventures operate in 42 countries, employing over 4,000 people, with a venture success rate of over 90% and annual revenue of over $265 million.



The Praxis community of practice includes over 2,000 leaders, from the Accelerator Fellows and Venture Lab Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, to the next-generation entrepreneurs served by Praxis Academy, to mentors and scholars, to investors and philanthropists who have placed over $55 million in capital within the network.



Praxis shares its core ideas of redemptive entrepreneurship through the Praxis Course, the Praxis Journal, the Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs … and now the Praxis Podcast, featuring stories of redemptive entrepreneurs in sectors from local community development to Silicon Valley venture-backed tech startups.