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Our guest is Derwin Sisnett, founder of Maslow Development, which co-designs and develops real estate and community ecosystems. 

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In this episode, Derwin reflects on his life’s work to build “communities that people won’t forget, but for all the right reasons.”

Derwin grew up in a struggling neighborhood in New York City, and was singled out as someone with unique gifts and promise, even as he sought to “play by both sets of rules”: the rules of the street and the rules of academic achievement.

As a poet, teacher, school leader, community development executive, real estate developer, and social impact investor—sometimes all at once—Derwin works to bridge the economic divide with projects that integrate education, housing, wellness, and workforce development.

His story is about taking audacious risks against long odds, to “intercede on behalf of what God wants” for the people in his community.


About The Guest


Derwin Sisnett is the founder and partner of Maslow Development Inc., a real estate & community development firm that advises, designs and develops mixed-use communities anchored by high performing schools. Derwin has spent the last decade in community development and public education, with a particular focus on coalescing community assets. Prior to Maslow, Derwin co-founded and served as the CEO of Gestalt Community Schools (GCS), a charter management organization that develops high-performing, community-based charter schools in Memphis, Tennessee. He has held numerous board seats at healthcare, foundation and education-based companies. He is a Broad Academy Fellow, a Praxis mentor, and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.


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